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Watch the Original Tatro® Playset in Action

Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage "expression through imagination". We believe that creative and imaginative toys build well-rounded kids. When kids use their imagination they develop social skills, thinking, expression, and independence. With expression and independence they become confident kids, who become valuable adults. Choose imagination.

The Tatro® Playsets use magnets to build scenes and move characters. Tatro® is best for kids 3 to 103.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to organizations which help spark creativity in kids.

The Original Tatro® Playset is patent pending, 2017.

Our Story

The Original Tatro® Playset is a childhood vision brought to life. It was created by Will Barrios the Founder & CEO of Tatro®. When Will was a kid he wanted a toy that gave him an unlimited depth of creativity. At the age of 10 he found that toy by creating, out of cardboard and magnets, what would later become the Original Tatro® Playset: a mix and match magnetic world of fun! Barrios studied design at Fordham University in New York City where he stayed for 10 years, eventually moving to Los Angeles, and then home to Louisiana in 2017 to begin working on a new business: Tatro®. Barrios has a background in entertainment, corporate, and non-profit education.

Now, we bring the Tatro® brand magic to you with hand-built magnetic toys for kids and adults to play with for hours. With multiple scene and character options we bring our founder’s joy home to you. Make Tatro® products a part of your family and create a world of magnetic play!



What do parents say about Tatro®?

He can't stop talking about it...

Xander LOVES Tatro! He can’t stop talking about it! He has told so many people about this amazing toy! He can not wait for his very own Tatro! As a mom I love watching his imagination at work!

- Rachael

I ordered Tatro sight unseen...

As a therapist who has worked with young children for over 40 years, I ordered Tatro sight unseen because the description alone convinced me children would love playing with this toy and it would open up new worlds for them. I personally invite you to enter this world of play! Don’t miss it!

- Laney

Tatro is a fantastic creative toy...

Tatro is a fantastic creative toy. My 1st grader and preschooler sit with it and endlessly play to their hearts’ content. They especially loved the magnets that they can decorate themselves to build a world with their imaginations.

- Alisa

One of a kind WOW...

Super creative and lots of fun thank you so much! It's an amazing idea, one of a kind. WOW!

- Kevin

What makes Tatro® unique?


We take pride in producing quality hand-built magnetic toys. This makes each product unique and special, just for you.

Plant-Based Plastic

Tatro® plant-based plastic parts are biodegradable when composted properly.

Soft Foam

The Tatro® Playsets are made of a soft, flexible and light-weight foam.

Single Plastic Parts

Tatro® magnets are 3D printed inside each piece. This process makes sure the magnets are fully enclosed.

3D Printed Parts

All Tatro® plastic parts are made with the latest 3D printing technology.

Magnetic Magic™ Material

The Tatro® playsets are covered with Magnetic Magic™. We use a material which allows magnetic scene pieces to fit on the playset any way you choose.

Strong and Flexible Magnets

Our magnets are strong, which means they will last for years to come. Each magnet has a smooth and clear protective layer to make sure the illustrations last too.

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