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Express yourself and raise your voice in 2020 to help animals in need. The Tatro® vision is to encourage expression through imagination. We believe that when you find expression, you find your voice. When you find your voice, you can be heard. When you can be heard, you can affect change in a positive way.

Beginning January 13th, we’ve partnered with the Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to find the authentic voices of local shelter animals. What makes them special? What makes them stand out from the pack? Each one is unique and we’ve put a special focus on a group called the “Lonely Hearts”. The Lonely Hearts are animals that have been in the shelter for a significant amount of time. These animals are often overlooked for various reasons including the color of their coat. Some may require extra care but the bond they create with their forever home can be incredibly strong.

Tatro® will cover all adoption fees for the first 5 Lonely Hearts. Considering current events, It will also match each of those adoption fees and make a donation to organizations assisting in animal rescue during the Australian bushfires.

Often, it’s the most vulnerable groups that need the loudest voice. Create positive change this year…perhaps with a friend in tow. Find the voice that’s right for you by adopting or fostering a shelter animal.

Check back on January 13th through the month of February to raise your voice in support of a Lonely Heart.

You can help in many ways from your phone or computer. Express yourself and raise your voice in 2020:

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But most importantly, get involved. You can make the difference for an animal in need.

The Companion Animal Alliance is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 2010 to increase the save rate of animals […].  In partnership with the East Baton Rouge City-Parish, CAA operates the EBR Parish open-intake shelter, caring for nearly 9,000 animals each year including cats, dogs, horses, wildlife, and exotic animals. CAA has increased the save rate of animals to 70% annually from 20% in 2010.

For media inquiries please contact us at hello@tatrotoy.com. To learn more about Tatro® visit www.tatrotoy.com. To learn more about Companion Animal Alliance visit www.caabr.org.

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