It started with the Tatro® Playset: a childhood vision brought to life. It was created by Will Barrios the Founder & CEO of Tatro®: Hand-Built Magnetic Toys. When Will was a kid he wanted a toy that gave him an unlimited depth of creativity. At the age of 10 he found that toy by creating, out of cardboard and magnets, what would later become the Tatro® Playset: a mix and match magnetic world of fun! Barrios studied design at Fordham University in New York City where he stayed for 10 years, eventually moving to Los Angeles, and then home to Louisiana in 2017 to begin working on a new business: Tatro®: Hand-Built Magnetic Toys. Barrios has a background in entertainment, corporate, and non-profit education.


Now, we bring the Tatro® brand magic to you with hand-built magnetic toys for kids to play with for hours. Make Tatro®: Hand-Built Magnetic Toys a part of your family and create a world of imaginative play