DinoRUKUS Tatro® Magnetic Dough

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Stomp the ground and RAWR with the DinoRUKUS theme!

Build, sculpt, and mold a magical world with the NEW Tatro® Magnetic Dough and themed magnets.

Suited for kids aged 3+.


– 4 Ounces of Tatro® Magnetic Dough

– Dough Container with Lid

– 12 DinoRUKUS Magnets



Play, mold, and design your world with Tatro® Magnetic Dough and Tatro® Themes. Store in a tight container in a cool, dry place. Tatro® Magnetic Dough needs magnets to make it work. Place magnets on dough to create a magical adventure!

  • Tatro® Magnetic Dough is a natural product and may crumble slightly. It may also retain moisture in the container.
  • Add a small amount of flour at any time to reduce moisture.
  • If the dough dries, add a drop or two of water and knead dough thoroughly.
  • For best magnetic contact, make sure the surface of the dough is flat in order to hold magnets.
  • Natural black color may stain skin and surfaces slightly. Wash off with warm soap and water if needed.




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