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Glitter and Be Unicorn Tatro™️ Playset


Glitter and Be Unicorn Tatro™️ Playset

Everyone deserves to glitter! Reach for the stars and be a magical unicorn in a candy-colored, jewel and rainbow world! The Glitter and Be Unicorn

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Start here with a Tatro™️ Playset:

– 1 Tatro™️ Playset

– 1 Tatro™️ Open Backdrop

– A Prince Ferdinand and Ellie Unicorn Character

– 2 Movers (to guide your characters around the playset)

– Glitter and Be Unicorn Scene Pieces

– Glitter and Hearts Backdrop

All pieces use Magnetic Magic™️ inside to encourage unlimited and creative play!


Plant-Based Plastic

We are doing our part to be eco-friendly and sustainable. We use plant-based plastic parts which are biodegradable, though significantly strong and durable. Most plastic can take several hundred years to decompose whereas plant-based plastic can take only three – six months when composted properly.

Soft-Touch Foam

The Tatro ™ playset is made of a soft-touch foam with a soft and smooth surface for safe play. There are no hard edges and the material maintains a rubber-like softness and flexibility.

Single Plastic Parts

In production we encase our strong magnets inside a single plastic part. Unlike other magnetic toys we don’t glue or screw two separate pieces of plastic together to hold our magnets in. Our special process makes sure the magnets are fully enclosed inside for hours of magnetic fun.

3D Printed Parts

All plastic parts are created using the latest 3D printing technology. This allows us to produce Tatro in small batches where we have oversight on quality control.

Magnetic Magic™ Material

We use a special material that allows for Magnetic Magic™ to take place. This material is .20 mil thick, strong, durable and covers the vertical surfaces of the playset. This special material allows for your magnetic scene pieces to fit on the playset at any angle you choose. This enhances the depth of play and fun.

Strong and Flexible Magnets

Our magnets are made of a .20 mil material that ensures your scene pieces will last for years to come. Each scene piece has a smooth and clear protective layer to make sure the illustrations last too.


How does Tatro™️ work?


Watch Tatro™️ in Action!

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