Glo-st in the Dark Tatro® Magnetic Dough

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Our “limited edition” Halloween magnetic dough is here! Get the goblins together, whether at home or online, and treat your favorite monsters to NEW Halloween-themed Tatro® Magnetic Dough. This special glow-in-the-dark magnetic dough will make for scary-good times! Draw in the dark using the magic UV light or light up the entire thing! Great for gifts, socially-distanced parties, or exceptionally unique trick or treats!

The Tatro® Magnetic Dough texture combines the best of all worlds like dough, clay, and magnetic sand for a unique and fun experience!

Build, sculpt, and mold a hauntingly wonderous world.

Suited for kids aged 3+.

Have a virtual party at home with your new Tatro® Magnetic Dough! Listen to music and download the FREE Halloween Tatro® Magnetic Dough printable instructions to create ghosts, cats, and monsters!


– 6 oz of frighteningly fun Tatro® Halloween Magnetic Dough.

– 12 scary fun Halloween-themed magnetic pieces.

– Magic UV light to make your magnetic dough glow – draw on your dough or light up the entire thing!

– Colors: White/Green Glow-in-the-Dark.

– Dough container with lid.

– Each color is packed separately in container to keep colors apart.

– Limited Edition



Play, mold, and design your world with Tatro® Magnetic Dough and magnetic pieces. Store in a tight container in a cool, dry place. Tatro® Magnetic Dough needs magnets to make it work. Place magnets on dough to create a magical adventure!

  • Tatro® Magnetic Dough is a natural product and may crumble slightly. It may also retain moisture in the container.
  • Add a small amount of flour at any time to reduce moisture.
  • If the dough dries, add a drop or two of water and knead the dough thoroughly.
  • For best magnetic contact, make sure the surface of the dough is flat in order to hold magnets.
  • Color may stain skin and surfaces slightly. Wash off with warm soap and water if needed.
  • To protect surfaces and fabrics, please place a sheet of paper under the dough while you create


How to use magnets:

The magnets that come with the Tatro® Magnetic Dough are made of a ferrite material which has a low to medium hold. We do not use exposed ceramic or neodymium magnets, which are stronger, due to safety reasons.

For best results, please be patient as you attach the magnets to the dough. The magnets are meant to be placed on the dough for unlimited creative fun but they are not strong enough to lift the dough or attract the dough away from a surface.


For more information on our magnetic dough and safety, please visit our FAQ section.





1 review for Glo-st in the Dark Tatro® Magnetic Dough

  1. Tegan Brady

    My 7yr old son said this is the coolest thing ever! Adults love it too. We were so excited while playing with this magnetic dough. Waving the light back and forth, watching the dough start to glow, was completely mesmerizing. My kiddo loves glow in the dark things. This was fun and different. It glows for a short while after you shine the light on it. Perfect for spooky Halloween fun!

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