Rainbow Tatro® Magnetic Dough



Make it a bright world with a kaleidoscope of colors!

Build, sculpt, and mold a magical world with the NEW Rainbow Tatro® Magnetic Dough and themed magnets.

Suited for kids aged 3+.


– 6-1oz Rainbow Tatro® Magnetic Dough

– 6 Colors Include Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

– Dough Container with Lid

– Choose from 4 Themed Magnet Packs – 12 Magnetic Pieces Each




Play, mold, and design your world with Tatro® Magnetic Dough and Tatro® Themes. Store in a tight container in a cool, dry place. Tatro® Magnetic Dough needs magnets to make it work. Place magnets on dough to create a magical adventure!

  • Tatro® Magnetic Dough is a natural product and may crumble slightly. It may also retain moisture in the container.
  • Add a small amount of flour at any time to reduce moisture.
  • If the dough dries, add a drop or two of water and knead the dough thoroughly.
  • For best magnetic contact, make sure the surface of the dough is flat in order to hold magnets.
  • Natural color may stain skin and surfaces slightly. Wash off with warm soap and water if needed.
  • To protect surfaces and fabrics, please place a sheet of paper under the dough while you create


How to use magnets:

The magnets that come with the Tatro® Magnetic Dough are made of a ferrite material which has a low to medium hold. We do not use exposed ceramic or neodymium magnets, which are stronger, due to safety reasons.

For best results, please be patient as you attach the magnets to the dough. The magnets are meant to be placed on the dough for unlimited creative fun but they are not strong enough to lift the dough or attract the dough away from a surface.





Additional information

Choose Your Magnetic Theme

Cars, Trucks, and Builders, DInoRUKUS, Glitter and Be Unicorn, Natalia Narwhal's Mermazing Adventure


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