Spellbound Forest – Characters & Movers


Find a magical spell hidden in the forest or go on a journey to conquer a kingdom!


The Characters & Movers Pack for use with the original Tatro® Playset:

– A Nadia and Thomas Character

– 2 Movers

Both characters and movers use Magnetic Magic™️ inside to move around the Tatro® Playset. Place your characters on top of the playset floor and your movers underneath. Then watch as Magnetic Magic™️ moves your characters around for unlimited hours of fun!


3D Printed Parts

All Tatro® plastic parts are made with the latest 3D printing technology.

Single Plastic Parts

Tatro® magnets are 3D printed inside each piece. This process makes sure the magnets are fully enclosed.

Plant-Based Plastic

Tatro® plant-based plastic parts are biodegradable when composted properly.


How does Tatro® work?


Watch the original Tatro® Playset in Action!