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Spellbound Forest Tatro™️ Playset


Spellbound Forest Tatro™️ Playset

Find a magical spell hidden in the forest or go on a journey to conquer a kingdom!

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Start here with a Tatro™️ Playset:

– 1 Tatro™️ Playset

– 1 Tatro™️ Open Backdrop

– A Nadia and Thomas character

– 2 Movers (to guide your characters around the playset)

– Spellbound Forest Scene Pieces

– Shaded Mystical Forest Backdrop

All pieces use Magnetic Magic™️ inside to encourage unlimited and creative play!


Plant-Based Plastic

Our plant-based plastic parts are biodegradable when composted properly.

Soft Foam

Our playset is made of a soft, flexible and light-weight foam.

Single Plastic Parts

Our magnets are 3D printed inside each piece. This process makes sure the magnets are fully enclosed.

3D Printed Parts

All plastic parts are made with the latest 3D printing technology.

Magnetic Magic™ Material

Our playset is covered with Magnetic Magic™. We use a material that allows magnetic scene pieces to fit on the playset any way you choose.

Strong and Flexible Magnets

Our magnets are strong, which means your scene pieces will last for years to come. Each scene piece has a smooth and clear protective layer to make sure the illustrations last too.


How does Tatro™️ work?


Watch Tatro™️ in Action!

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